Due to the intimate size of our shop and limited seating, we can only accommodate 2-3 guests along with you. We have found that this will be the most comfortable for you and other bridal parties in the shop. We also ask that you are respectful of other bridal parties by leaving all small children at home. I know you may love to have your flower girl there with you, but it can be disruptive to other brides while they are having their moment in their dress. For groups larger than 3, we do offer private appointments on select Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s. Please reach out to us if you are interested in a private appointment.

We recommend bringing your two or three closest family or friends who will cheer you on and help you pick your most perfect dress. We’ve found that brides often have the most fun in smaller groups anyways, and choose the dress they want over letting others sway them. You’ll be able to listen to how you are feeling, be in the moment, and overall have a more relaxing experience with just the few opinions you value the most. Let’s face it, some opinions you really don’t want, so just leave them at home. However, not all brides are the same and if you need extra support in your decision, we do offer private appointments for larger parties. Whatever you need to make this the most memorable experience, The Brides' Shop team is here to help!

Here at The Brides' Shop, we believe you can find the dress you’ve always dreamt of without the large price tag. We carry only the most luxurious fabrics from designers who truly care about you, the bride. Our special order gowns start at $900 and can go up to about $3500. Most gowns fall within the $1300-$2000 range. If you are wanting a designer gown for less, we add new dresses to our off the rack selection every week and those gowns start at $498 and can range depending on the specific dress. Trust us when we say, we have a little bit of everything for just about any bride!

We highly recommend setting up an appointment to guarantee you have your personal stylist ready for you. Sometimes we can accommodate you without an appointment, but oftentimes we are so busy and won’t have a dedicated stylist available for you. We only want to serve our brides the best experience and give you the undivided attention you deserve.

We set aside 90 minutes for each bride. This gives you enough time to browse our collection of gowns, try them on, and take all the “I said yes” pictures you want!

Because gowns are made-to-order for you, they can take up to 6 months to arrive in store. You also have to factor in alteration time and bridal portraits sessions if those are being taken before the wedding day. We know many Utah brides do not have 8+ months to order in and alter a dress, so we have many options for weddings sooner than that. We carry some of our exclusive designs in our personal backstock that are ready to take home, some gowns can be purchased off the rack, and depending on availability we can order you in a dress sooner than standard production times. All availability is subject to change, so we recommend shopping when you are ready to say yes! That can mean as soon as you get engaged, after you pick your wedding date, or when you can gather your closest people to come shopping with you. It’s better to start early, however we only recommend shopping when you are ready to find the one because dress availability changes daily!

Wearing nude underwear is always recommended! Underwear is required to try on dresses for sanitary reasons. Most of our gowns have built in bra cups, so bringing a bra is not necessary. If you would like to bring a bra though, nude colored is always the best. If you are planning on wearing Spanx on your wedding day, bring them so you can see how the dresses will fit with them. A few other things to remember: Absolutely no spray tans prior to your appointment (they must be set for at least 24 hours before trying our dresses on), bring something to tie your hair back so you can see exactly what the dresses you are trying on look like, wear light makeup (you want to feel put together, but also don’t want to get red lipstick all over a white dress). The shop has pedestals for you to stand on while trying on dresses, so unless you have your wedding shoes picked out already, bringing heels is not necessary.

Like most bridal shops, we carry one sample of each dress, usually in a bridal size 10-14. We also carry some gowns in bridal sizes 16-22. Bridal sizing is smaller than your average street clothing. A bridal size 12 is about a street size 10. The reason we don’t carry our samples in sizes smaller than a 10 is because we want our gowns to fit the majority of brides. If the sample is too big for you, we clip them to fit to give you a better idea. If the sample is too small, we add an insert to clamp them to fit. Our trained stylists are experts in giving you the best idea of how your gown will look on your big day, so don’t worry! We are here to help and will assist you through the whole process! We also carry backstock pieces in other sizes that may already fit you pretty well and these gowns are ready to take home with you that day.

Almost every bride needs some type of alteration to their dress even if it’s just a hem or fit. We are known for our alterations, and have the most skilled contracted seamstresses in Utah. They are also known for how affordable they are for how high quality their work is. Alterations are not included in the price of your dress, however, they are more affordable than the alterations you’ll find through most bridal shops because they are independent seamstresses.